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The Interaction Lab only accepts students who are interested in human-robot interaction for socially assistive robotics, our area of research focus.

Each academic year we recruit (on average) one or two new PhD students into my Interaction Lab. Prof. Mataric chooses the students from the top PhD students accepted into the Computer Science Department. Please read about the USC CS Department PhD program admissions process for more information.

After that, if you have already applied to the program and are especially interested in the Interaction Lab, and have relevant prior background, email Prof. Mataric the URL to a web page showing your relevant research (instead of sending materials as attachments).

If you are very interested in the Interaction Lab but are applying to another Viterbi School department, please note that it is simplest to be advised by a faculty member in your own department. However, it is possible to work in the Interaction Lab and be a PhD student in another engineering department. However, please note the nature of the research conducted in the lab and be sure that it fits your background and interests. If there is a good fit and you are strongly motivated, email Prof. Mataric.

If you are a PhD student at USC already and interested in getting involved in the Interaction Lab robotics research, please contact Prof. Mataric by email.