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If you believe you have been sexually harassed or you believe that sexual harassment has occurred, you must report it IMMEDIATELY to the Office of Equity and Diversity at (213) 740-5086.

If anyone informs you that he or she believes that sexual harassment has occurred, you should immediately contact the Office of Equity and Diversity, at (213) 740-5086, University Park Campus, FIG 202, Mail Code 1261. The Office of Equity and Diversity is available to students, faculty and staff at University Park Campus, the Health Sciences Campus, and all other university campuses and locations. You may visit us at our offices on University Park Campus, or we will come to you.

Assessment and Referrals

The office will first assess whether the reported behavior should be classed as sexual harassment or should be handled by the Employee Relations office as a standard employment related dispute. For complaints against faculty which are not classed as sexual harassment, the complaint may be forwarded to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

No Retaliation

University policy (and state and federal law) prohibits an alleged offender from retaliating in any way against the person making the complaint, against any participant in the investigation, or against a person who protests the alleged sexual harassment or retaliation.

Or a detailed explanation of sexual harassment complaint procedures, read the university policies at

Other resources
Faculty and supervisors must report all harassing behaviors to the appropriate officials, even if: