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Introduction Humanoids Robot Dog


We are pursuing a research program focused on developing a model of skill learning by imitation. The details of our research program are found here.


Adonis is a dynamic humanoid simulation consisting of eight rigid links connected with revolute joints of 1 and 3 DOF, totaling 20 DOF. The torso, which we use in most experiments, consists of 13 DOF. For details on Adonis and its control look here.

Two COSIMIR humanoid avatars. Each avatar has 65 DOF, consisting of: 3 DOF at the neck, each shoulder, each wrist, hip, and each ankle, and 1 DOF at each elbow, finger, and knee joint. The thumbs have 2 joints, the rest of the fingers have 3.

Robot Dog

Laika is a Sony AIBO robot dog with a total of 18 DOF: 2 in the neck and 4 in each leg. Laika has passively compliant paws. Its sensors include a color CCD camera, stereo microphones, joint encoders in the legs, touch sensors on the paws, and a head "petting" sensor.