K-12 Resources
» USC Interaction Lab Robotics Resources for K-12 Education
» Robotics Academy Carnegie Mellon University
» Robots can help disabled human beings.
(Lesson plan for Grades 6-8)
» NASA Robotics Curriculum Clearinghouse
» Lego Mindstorms for Schools
» NASA Robotics
» Robotics on the Web
» Robotics Just for Teachers
(This site has many ideas for lesson plans and students interaction.)
College Level Resources
» Player / Stage Project
Recommended Reading
» The Robotics Primer by Maja J Mataric
(available in draft form to be published soon)
» Robotic Explorations: An Introduction to
Engineering Through Design by F. Martin

» Behavior-Based Robotics by R. Arkin
Research Tools
» Electronic Resources
» CiteSeer.IST
» USC Interaction Lab
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» Technical Blog by Jenny Chang
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