CS 547: Grading Policy

Grading Policy

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There will be two quizzes in class. Each quiz will count towards 20% of your grade. All quizzes are compulsory (modulo medical or other emergencies). The dates of the quizzes are announced in advance. Its your responsibility to be in class on those days (on all days for that matter !). No make-up quizzes will be held. If you miss a quiz you lose 20% of the grade for the class.

There will be no midterm or final. You are expected to work on a substantial project during the semester which will count towards 50% of your grade. The quizzes will be open notes; no books allowed. The remaining 10% of your grade depends on class participation.

I don't grade on a strict curve, on the other hand I will not announce preset cutoff scores for achieving certain grades. Grading is relative. The best way to ensure an A is to consistently do better than your classmates. I will take care to ensure that the grade cutoffs are 'sensible' i.e. no one will miss a higher grade by a very small number of points.