Course Schedule

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Most papers and powerpoint notes below are copyrighted by their authors or publishers. Please respect that copyright by using the papers only for purposes of assigned reading in this class.

Date Topic Notes and Readings
8/22 Introduction and probability theory background Notes (PPT and PDF)
8/29 Bayesian filtering Notes (PPT and PDF)
9/5 No class Labor Day holiday
9/12 Sensor models and perception Notes (PDF)

The last day to add/drop for CS 547 is Sept 13

9/19 PR2 and ROS tutorial Notes and pointers
9/26 Quiz 1 (Gaurav and Megha at IROS)
10/3 Action models Notes (PDF)
10/10 Bayesian filtering revisited: the Kalman filter and Particle filtering Notes (PDF)
10/17 The Markov decision process Notes (PDF)
10/24 The partially observable Markov decision process Notes (PDF)
10/31 Interim project updates Short presentations and demos by students
11/7 SLAM and FastSLAM Notes (PDF)
11/14 Quiz 2 (Gaurav on travel)
11/21 Extended office hours Final project issues with TA and course staff
11/28 Final project presentations Short presentations and demos by students