Avatar Electronics Box

The image above shows the internals of the electronics box carried by the 3rd generation Avatar. Inside are the Flight Control PC\104 stack, Vision PC\104 stack, Isis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), electronic compass, and Novatel DGPS board.


Flight Control PC\104 Stack

The flight control PC\104 stack runs QNX real-time Operating System, and is used to controlling the helicopter during autonomous flight. It consists of the following components:

  • Digital Logic AG PIII-700 Mhz PC/104-PC/104plus Motherboard with 256MB RAM
  • Diamond Systems Quartz-MM PC/104 counter/Timer card & Digital I/o module
  • Diamond Systems Jupiter-MM PC/104 Dc/Dc Power Supply
  • Diamond Systems Emerald-MM-DIO Quad RS-232 + 48 Digital I/O PC/104 module
  • Jumptec PC/104-PCMCIA Dual Slot PC/104 Board