CS 547: Sensing and Planning in Robotics

Fall 2011

Monday 2:00 - 4:50 p.m. in KAP 113

Note: The class is fast-paced, and material will be covered quickly. If you are serious about taking the class, be sure to attend all the lectures, right from the begining.

This class focuses on modern techniques, based largely on probability theory, to address problems in sensing and estimation in mobile robotics. A running theme throughout the class is that robotics involves uncertainty at several different levels. The machinery of estimation theory and probability theory (Bayesian filtering), has been applied with great success to cope with uncertainty in sensing and actuation. The class will cover the relevant theory and applications to problems in robot localization, mapping, perception and manipulation. If time permits we will cover additional topics such as planning and extensions to multi-robot systems.


The treatment in class will be mathematical. Students are expected to know elementary probability theory, calculus, and linear algebra at the undergraduate level. There is no formal prerequisite for the class (don't believe what the catalogue says). If you want to register, and the office won't let you, send email to the instructor. Based on the mathematical treatment presented in class, students will be expected to complete a fairly sizeable class project. Most students will be expected to use a standard robot simulator (ROS) for the project. There are limited opportunities for advanced students to use a state-of-the-art robot (the PR2, shown on the right). In order to complete the project, students will need to have a reasonable background in programming. (Typical projects are expected to run into a few thousand lines of code). All the software tools used in the class run on Linux. Students are expected to be reasonably competent in programming under Linux (or some *nix flavor).

Instructor: Prof. Gaurav S. Sukhatme (gaurav@usc.edu)

Office: RTH 405
Office hour: Send email to make an appointment

Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory
Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems
Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California

TA: Megha Gupta (meghagup@usc.edu)

Office: RTH 406
Office hour: Tuesday, 1400-1600

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