Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Agents

Below are a number of pointers to DAI-related sites.

Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) & Cooperation :

AI Lab @ VUB (Steels)
Multi-Agents & Teamwork @ ISI, USC (Tambe)
Armyant Project, Robotics Lab @ Virginia Tech (Bay, Ünsal)
Vision and Robotics Lab, Univ. of Rochester ( Brown, Van Wie)
Multi-agent Systems Lab @ Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst
Multi-Agent Approaches & Learning @ IPR, Univ. of Karlsruhe
Cooperative Robotics in Japan, prepared by Zimmer @ GMD ( FIT.KI), Germany
Autonomous Systems @ GMD, Germany ( Christaller)
MIRIAD team, LAFORIA, France ( Drogoul )
MAGMA group, IMAG, France ( Demazeau )
AI Group @ Neuchâtel ( Müller)
Cybernetics Dept. @ Reading Univ., England ( Dautenhahn)
Cooperative Architecture Project @ ETL, Japan

WWW links on Coordination and MAS by PAI Group @ Fribourg
Multi-Agent Webliography prepared by AI Group @ WPI, England
Agents page and other MAS links @ Univ. Laval, Canada ( Chaib-draa)

Distributed Artificial Intelligence

DAI Unit and their WWW References @ QMW, England ( Jennings, Wooldridge)
DAI References prepared by Kwek and Kalenka @ QMW

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