Mobile and Multiple Robotics

This is a collection of WWW links to various sites on mobile and multiple robotics, and is still under development.

Journals :

Autonomous Robots Journal Homepage (ed. Bekey), Kluwer Academic Publishers

Companies :

IS Robotics
ActivMedia, Inc.
Nomadic Robotics
Applied AI Systems
Real World Interface Inc.
The Khepera and Koala mobile robots
SRI International, AI Center ( Erratic, Flakey)

Academia :

Mobile Robot Research @ MIT AI Lab ( Brooks)
The Robotics Institute @ Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Mobile Robot Lab @ Georgia Tech ( Arkin, Hodgins)
Unmanned Guided Vehicle Project, AI Lab @ Univ. of Michigan ( Durfee)
Cooperative Robotics @ ORNL (Parker)
Many-Robot Systems @ NRaD ( Gage)
Collective Robotics @ Univ. of Alberta (Kube)
Robotic Agents Group, AI Lab @ VUB (Steels, Birk)
Autonomous Agents Research Group @ CWRU
Machine Intelligence Lab @ Univ. of Florida
Robotics Lab @ Dartmouth
BEAM Robotics

Comprehensive list of European Mobile Robot Groups, maintained by Eurobots

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