Simulation Tools for Multi-agent/robot Systems

This is a collection of web pointers to a variety of sites related to multi-agent systems and multiple robotics simulation.

MissionLab and JavaBots developed at Georgia Tech
Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) homepage ( ModSAF)
DIS Material prepared by SISO
The Swarm simulation system at the Santa Fe Institute
Project Sophia at USC
Eros developed by Erann Gat at JPL
Stiquito colony simulation developed at Indiana University
Latent Energy Environments (LEE) @ UCSD
Review of Alife Simulators by Gutowitz @ Santa Fe Institute
POPBUGS developed at COGS, Univ. of Sussex
MICROB developed at MIRIAD, LAFORIA, France

Simulation info by Fishwick @ UFL
Robotics FAQ : Simulators prepared by K.Dowling
Robot Simulators on the Net, maintained by Eurobots

Simulation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,12th European
Simulation Multiconference

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