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Research Budget & Administrative Assistant
for items related to research

Jessica Burdick
burd637 (at) usc.edu
(213) 821-4083

Dean's Office Assistant
for items related to dean's office work

Marjorie Brownbill
brownbil (at) usc.edu
(213) 740-0622

Dean's suite office

Mailing address (letters, magazines, papers):
University of Southern California
3650 McClintock Avenue, OHE 200
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1450

Mailing address (research equipment, packages):
University of Southern California
Jessica Burdick c/o Maja Mataric
941 Bloom Walk, SAL 104
Los Angeles CA 90089

if urgent, please reach me via the assistant phones; if not urgent, please use email   

(213) 821-5696   please use a cover sheet

mataric (at) usc.edu   please expect delays, there is too much email in the world

Robotics at USC

For more information about all the exciting robotics activities at USC, please visit the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center (RASC) website.

Interested Students

This is a great time to learn about robotics and make the world a better place with human-centered technology. I welcome serious student interest ("I have gone carefully over your research web site, read some of the papers, including ..., and would love to apply the following skills I have ... along with my passion for ..., for ... hours per week. I am serious about this."), not the dabbling type ("I hear robotics is hot and your lab seems a cool place to see some stuff, browse, and move on to the next thing that seems interesting...").

All students interested in getting involved in the Interaction Lab should first visit the Interaction Lab website and familiarize themselves with the ongoing research. Then please follow the directions found on the Interaction Lab contact web pages.


For more information about research visits and tours of the Interaction Lab, please visit the Interaction Lab tours web page.