Ardie on Location

The footage for 'The Earthlings' was shot on the 'Tussen Die Riviere' game reserve in the Free Sate, South Africa. This location was chosen because an aardvark (Timmy) has been habituated there and studied for research purposes over the last 4 years. Timmy is a wild aardvark, but has become accustomed to humans. He has a radio transmitter implanted in his abdomen, and this is used to find him at night (aardvarks are nocturnal animals). Ardie was filmed interacting with Timmy and the film crew, and this footage will be used to put together a 'making of' movie, to show how the documentary was made. 

Getting ready for Ardie to meet Timmy
Ardie watching Timmy look for ants



Me and my aardvark buddies
Timmy demolishing a termite mound...
...and enjoying the spoils...
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